2010-09-03 God in the Dock

C S Lewis News

As I mentioned, some new clips or trailers from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie are available on the web.  You can view the trailers at the link below, as well as other news about the movie. I should mention that Paul Martin, the webmaster for Narnia Fans, has recently gotten married and he and his new bride are getting trips on this ship and posting videos from them.


Here is the link to the BBC video of the “Dawn Treader” look-alike that is touring ports in England right now.  It’s short, but pretty interesting.

Dawn Treader Look-Alike

The Screwtape Letters is still playing in New York City, but will be in Cleveland, Ohio for 3 performances beginning Oct 15th.  The link describing this is found below, and if you attend (and I hope you do), I would be pleased to receive some comments on the play for publication on this site.

The Screwtape Letters in Ohio

Walter Hooper

Mr. Hooper has been one of the major editors of C S Lewis work and was, for a time, Jack’s private secretary.  Here is the interview with him from the Southern California C S Lewis Society.

Walter Hooper – C S Lewis Society

You might also be interested in his entry in Wikipedia – note the links there.

Walter Hooper – Wikipedia

God in the Dock

I only covered 3 essays in the podcast, and it was hard to chose which three to use.  Let me at least mention these others as being very close to being included.

Answers To Questions On Christianity

Lewis responds to questions from the audience at a discussion at a manufacturing facility in England.

The Grand Miracle

Why Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection are the key to understanding the Christian religion

The Trouble With X

How dealing with “difficult people” or perhaps the difficult person in our life gives us an insight into what it must be like for God in dealing with us.

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