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I’ve been a fan of C. S. Lewis for over 40 years (slight hint at my age range there) and I have a fairly good Lewis library that includes

  • 35+ books by C. S. Lewis (not counting duplicates)
  • Two tapes of spoken material by Jack
  • 15 books about Lewis or about his books
  • several CD and cassette tapes of recordings of his books

(What can I say? – I just like Lewis)

I have taught classes at my church and others about Lewis and his books, although from the professional point of view my training is in Information Technology, not in an academic environment.

Professional Life

I worked at Boeing (well, Douglas, McDonnell-Douglas, and then Boeing) for 35 years in the area of Information Technology.  I started with the use of mainframes and keypunches, 7094 assembly language, and COBOL (to mention some names from the past).  My experience includes programming, testing, data base, design, systems analysis, and being a manager. I retired in 2008.


Reading, church work, playing the tuba, and golf are my main interests.

Religious / Theological Approach

(A bit of a complex subject).  In general – I am a Christian and lean towards the Reformed and evangelical classifications, if that helps you. I have a great admiration for C S Lewis’ style of what I would call “genial Christianity” and I hope it comes across in my podcasts.

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