2009-02-10 Show 008 – Reading C. S. Lewis With Your Heart

The first item covered in this show was some of the “back story” on Disney pulling out of the partnership with Walden Media to produce the Chronicles of Narnia movies.  The link to the L A Times article that provides the details is found below.

L A Times Article

Today’s show covers two books about C S Lewis.  The first book is “Yours, Jack” edited by Paul Ford.  One of the best ways to “get to know” a historical person is to read their letters, especially if they were written with no intention of them being published.  You can get to know what the person was like in private life, how t hey thought, and how they approached things.   This book is a remarkable selection of Jack’s letters to various people over more than 30 years and these letters preserve much of the wit, warmth, and spiritual wisdom that were chacteristic of Jack both privately and publically.  It can be used to learn more about Lewis or as a source of “wise spiritual insight” for your life.

The second book we review and study is “Reading With the Heart: The Way Into Narnia” by Peter Schakel.  Mr. Schakel is Professor of English at Hope College in Michigan and an expert on C S Lewis and his books.  This book is the first of three related books – the other two are “Imagination and the Arts In C. S. Lewis“, and “The Way Into Narnia“. Despite the similarity in title between the first and third books, all three of the books are complimentary and emphasize different ways of approaching the Chronicles of Narnia from different literary and imaginative perspectives.  All three books are available from on-line booksellers as well as local book stores, and Prof. Schakel has made the text of “Reading With the Heart” available on-line also at no cost (please note, though, that it is copyrighted). The link to that text is found below:

Reading With the Heart

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