2012-07-28 That Hideous Strength

These are the show notes for That Hideous Strength, published 07-28-2012.

First, here are the links for the websites mentioned in our introduction.
For the discussion with Doug Gresham –  The Lions Call
For the California C. S, Lewis Society Newsletter –  cslewissociety.org
For the new movie, The Lion Awakes – The Lion Awakes

The title of the novel is taken from an early Scottish poet who wrote a poem about the Tower of Babel.  The relevant lines are
The shadow of that hyddeous strength
Sax myle and more it is of length.
You will note that the connections with the story of Babel – the humans are filled with pride and attempt to take over the role of God.  They fail when their language is confused.

You will also conclude that Jack’s story did not make him popular with his fellow professors in many cases, given that it describes in unflattering terms how a college is run by an “inner ring” and how easily corrupt people can control the college.  In his Preface he said that he wrote about an academic environment not because it was especially prone to evil, but because he knew it well.

As we mentioned in the podcast, this novel is closely tied to the themes in The Abolition Of Man.  You may want to read that if you haven’t done so already.  Our podcast on the Abolition of man is in three parts and the third part is found here.




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