2013-05-17 The Problem of Pain

Her’s a quick list of the unread books I have on C S Lewis.

C. S. Lewis, by McGrathC. S. Lewis at the BBC by Phillips
Tolkien and C. S. Lewis by Duriez
Inside Narnia by Brown
Inside The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by Brown
Conversations With S. S. Lewis by Velarde

 One of the most interesting things happening related to C S Lewis is that on November 21 there will be a memorial installed to honor Jack in the poet’s corner of Westminster Abbey in London.  Here is the link to the associated website.  Please note – registration on this website for the memorial is required.


Below is the link to the YouTube items called the C S Lewis Doodles.  It uses a 1930s art-deco drawing style to express some of Jack’s theology as expressed in some of his essays and I think they are quite good.


Please note that this excellent tip about the Doodles comes to us from the Lewisminute podcast found at http://lewisminute.wordpress.com/.
Here is the link to the actual post.


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