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Singapore Prize 2023

The 2023 awards are open to a range of design projects, such as Educational, Experimental and Health designs as well as Landscape designs. To enter their work for consideration online from February 1-March 31 at Applicants will then have until May 8 to see their winning entries announced at an awards gala ceremony on May 8. AR Emerging awards recognize promising portfolios of work that launch young designers onto an international stage early in their careers, while Completed Projects recognize completed buildings or masterplans that have been underway for at least 5 years or beyond that timeframe. In 2014, the NUS Singapore History Prize was introduced as an initiative to increase engagement with Singapore’s historical heritage, broadly defined. It features a distinguished panel consisting of scholars, arts and literary figures, museum curators, teachers and curriculum developers as judges; its first winner was archaeologist Prof John Miksic for his book entitled: “Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea 1300-1800”. This year’s prizes focused on Sustainability and Resilience to address global threats that threaten humanity. A panel of expert judges selected from among more than 100 entries representing various sectors – architecture, engineering, healthcare, education and urban planning were considered in selecting their finalists. These winners will join the Earthshot Prize’s global community of leaders, companies, and investors to accelerate solutions that repair our planet. Singapore government and community will provide critical support, allowing these innovators to expand their innovations globally and reach new markets with ease. As part of the celebrations, an exhibition featuring works by finalists was hosted at the National Gallery of Singapore. Additionally, three weeks of Earthshot Week events kicked off on Monday 6 November to engage and involve members of the public in this initiative. “Convenience Store,” by Zukhara Sansyzbay, won best short film honors while Laha Mebow won the director prize with her drama of a “small town with big dreams.” Additionally, Sorayos Prapapan’s documentary entitled Arnold is a Model Student was awarded special mention. Each winning film received SGD2,000 cash prize and production services from Shooting Gallery Asia; all winners and finalists shared in total SGD80,000 which included SGD50k cash prize plus gold medallion while another SGD40,000 contribution towards future development of this prize as research and development for future prize cycles.


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