What is the HK Prize?

The HK Prize competition is one of the most renowned contests in Hong Kong and can help build your authorial credentials. However, before competing it is essential that you understand all of its rules and requirements as well as having enough money available for participation. Winners not only receive a monetary prize, but also receive a trophy and letter from the organizers, along with access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. This competition seeks to encourage more individuals into careers in science while further expanding Hong Kong as a scientific hub. Winners of the hk prize can be found all around the globe and often contribute research that directly benefits humanity in some way. They could work in areas such as social justice or education; developing new medical technologies; or exploring pulsars found in faraway galaxies which produce radio waves and magnetic fields detectable here on Earth. Yingying Tang recently received this accolade for discovering such pulsars; unlike conventional stars that produce visible light they emit radio waves and magnetic fields which can be detected here on Earth. hk prize offers six award categories in journalism and the arts, chosen by an independent panel of judges. An Organising Committee composed of members drawn from award category organizers oversees overall coordination for this prize; their members set criteria and select nominees and winners in accordance with these categories. On Sunday evening, Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was held. To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self took home this year’s top film prize while Zero to Hero earned best TV series honours from both Hong Kong and China co-productions. There were also various other award presentations. The Hong Kong Prize (HK Prize) is an esteemed writing contest in Hong Kong that recognizes writers who write about Asia and Hong Kong. As one of Hong Kong’s premier writing contests, it provides writers an excellent opportunity to network with other writers while publishing publishers see what you are writing about. In order to compete in this award competition, an original article must meet certain requirements as set out on the official website; rules and regulations of competition can also be found here if needed; any questions should be directed toward one of their representatives; this prize may prove highly competitive but can well worth your effort if your passion lies in writing and understanding Asian and Hong Kong culture!


October 2023


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