Data Journalism in Hong Kong

Data journalism can add hard numbers and insights to anecdotal reporting, helping uncover trends, add context and provide greater understanding for stories or projects. You will work as part of a newsroom team pitching ideas as well as working closely with editors, reporters and other data journalists handling data requirements for stories or larger projects.

An effective data governance program requires the right team. You’ll need a multidisciplinary group consisting of both business and IT subject matter experts (SMEs). A strong business steward should possess both IT knowledge as well as understanding of its implications on organizational business processes and decisions. Experienced business analysts who act as communication bridges between IT and business often make great business stewards; IT stewards typically possess profound expertise with business systems and technologies.

Data governance programs can be extremely complex. They involve many stakeholders from IT professionals to data stewards and subject matter experts with differing opinions about what should be done. To avoid being bogged down in details, it’s essential that an initiative have both a clear vision and business case to guide their implementation; with one highlighting broad objectives while the other outlining specific opportunities to deliver value.

Under the current PDPO, personal data refers to any identifiable natural person – including information that relates to their identity, financial status, ancestry, race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or philosophies, sexual preference and health – that could potentially identify them. This could include staff card data such as names, HKID numbers, company names and photographs displayed.

Hong Kong government officials are considering tightening up data protection rules by mandating data users to create an explicit retention policy and adhere to it, in order to ensure their data doesn’t outlive legal requirements. Unfortunately, it remains unknown if such requirements will actually be implemented in practice.

Hong Kong is renowned as an international network hub, home to an abundance of businesses and networks. Our colocation facilities in this bustling metropolis allow your organization access to this vibrant industry ecosystem for secure colocation services for your essential applications.

Our dedicated professionals can assist in developing and implementing an effective data management strategy, helping reduce regulatory scrutiny risk and assist with data transfer/storage compliance across borders. For more information about our data services please reach out – we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements further! We take seriously our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of personal data held on file with us, never sharing it without prior approval – read through our Privacy Policy for further details!


July 2024


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