Hong Kong Pools – The Best Places to Cool Off in the Heat

Hong Kong pools provide the ideal way to escape the heat this summer and unwind by taking a refreshing dip. Our stunning skyline makes this experience all the more breathtaking, offering spectacular views with every stroke you take. Luckily we don’t only have hotel pools to choose from – many local options also boast incredible vistas. So whether it’s taking laps in an indoor pool that appears as though its floating in the clouds or lounging by the waterfront with a bottle of bubbly in hand – Hong Kong pools offer beautiful ways of beating it this summer.

Swimming pools provide an idyllic place for friends and families to spend a relaxing afternoon together, and Hongkong offers many. Rooftop pools with stunning city views to sprawling complexes offering multiple pools with water slides- you’re sure to find your ideal pool venue here! For those seeking something quieter or meditative experiences, Hongkong pools also make great places for reading books or practicing meditation.

As summer arrives in Hong Kong, most public pools become packed with people trying to cool off in the water. But with some careful planning, you can still take a swim without fighting crowds; we have compiled a list of Hong Kong’s 10 best pools where you can cool off and take a refreshing dip.

At the Ritz Carlton hotel in Hong Kong lies an unforgettable swimming pool that stands out among all others – truly one-of-a-kind! Boasting floor to ceiling windows, mirrored ceilings and LED walls featuring coral reef effects for an eye-catching illusion – it provides visitors with the closest thing possible to a day poolside in the clouds – year-round!

With its large main pool, training and diving pools, two toddler pools, lush landscaping and four waterslides (including one which holds the world record!), this expansive complex is the ideal setting for families or individuals alike. Plus it features four waterslides – including one which holds the record as longest waterslide!

One of the most stunning pools in Hong Kong was designed by Farrells as part of its Kennedy Town Station development, featuring Victoria Harbour views from its prominent position and unique shape. It quickly became one of Hong Kong’s recognizable landmarks upon its completion.

While its waters might not be as clean, this pool should still be on everyone’s bucket list if they love swimming. Situated at the tip of a peninsula, this spacious facility features gorgeous sea views as well as several smaller training and teaching pools; additionally it boasts four waterslides including one that claims to be “world’s fastest waterslide”.

This breathtaking pool is the ideal spot to launch your swimwear collection and feel like you’re on vacation away from home. From its marbled Roman columns and striped lounge chairs, to its lavish marble columns and luxurious furnishings, this pool epitomizes luxury – don’t forget to treat yourself afterwards with a massage at their spa!


June 2024


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