New Data SGP Reports Improve Teacher Efforts

Accessing accurate and timely student growth data is essential to helping schools make informed decisions about how to support students. The new report illustrates the growth of individual students relative to peers as well as district and state averages across student groups, providing schools with valuable insight that allows them to identify students who require extra support to be successful and boost overall performance.

The most critical feature of this new report is that it presents growth trajectories rather than test scores, meaning that emphasis will shift more toward identifying students who require intervention or support, and providing this assistance at the appropriate time. This change ties in closely with our department’s philosophy that all students contribute towards accountability results.

Data will now be presented as means, rather than medians. While medians were the standard in previous Star reports, using means better represents student growth across subgroups and classes and more closely adheres to the Star assessment system’s philosophy of inclusion; all students contribute towards accountability results.

Teachers will now have access to a report that allows them to track individual student progress over time by selecting dates in a timeline. This enables teachers to see trends in progress over time and understand how best to support each student to reach or surpass their growth target, as well as focus on helping those students who require extra assistance reaching these targets.

Schools needing to monitor student progress over time can benefit significantly from this report’s intuitive design and ease of interpretation, unlike existing Star Growth reports. It will likely be available by spring 2022.

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