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Singapore Pools is a gaming company based in Singapore offering sports betting, lottery, horse racing and mobile apps to customers worldwide. Bets can be placed online, over the phone or at outlets with many offering TOTO or 4D gaming too! They pride themselves on having excellent customer ratings.

Since 1968, Singapore Pools has been contributing its resources and funds back into the community through charitable giving and sharing initiatives. Now, 97% of every dollar goes back into helping improve lives – diverting gambling demand away from illegal operators while funding social services, infrastructural projects, charities, and education services among many other initiatives.

In 2019, the organization raised close to S$9bn through toll revenue collection from users; approximately 70% was given back as prize money while 22% went directly back into supporting charity, arts, community development and infrastructure projects through Tote Board initiatives.

Gambling may be an enjoyable activity, but it can also have serious repercussions for both physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, it’s crucial that players act responsibly when gambling; creating and sticking to a budget will help you avoid spending more than your budget allows and prevent gambling from becoming an addiction.

Singapore Pools accounts can be useful when travelling abroad if gambling is legal in that country. To use one, simply sign up on their website and undergo verification; this usually takes three days; once verified, your funds can be deposited or withdrawn as needed from your account.

Singapore Pools remains committed to being a “Company for Good.” Using their technology capital and expertise, Singapore Pools established iShine Cloud in 2018; an IT platform providing other charities with affordable integrated suite of solutions hosted on secure cloud. Already it has onboarded 31 charities with 1,512 users!

Kok Poh Yoke from Chinatown Active Aging Centre was among 300 beneficiaries who attended Gardens by the Bay’s large-scale Community Day carnival earlier this month as part of Singapore Pools’ 55 years of giving. She is one of many staff volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts towards helping disadvantaged members of society.

Although many factors contribute to the success of lottery games, the primary one is participants themselves. A well-run lottery requires many participants and more are better at increasing your chances of success – for instance by choosing numbers with patterns matching your odds or opting for numbers with high popularity rates – so consider joining more often for increased success!


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