The HK Prize and BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize

hk Prize is an internationally acclaimed contest that rewards high school students who excel at extracurricular activities and scientific research, offering them opportunities at some of Hong Kong’s premier facilities for conducting scientific experiments that could open doors to internships and professional career paths in future. Participants must be nominated by their teachers in order to take part, with winners receiving cash prizes along with shopping vouchers and F&B benefits; it is vitally important that participants familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations prior to participating.

The Hong Kong Prize recognizes individuals who contribute to global civilisation by inspiring others towards building harmonious societies while showing human resilience when facing difficulties. Previous recipients have included selfless volunteers and good Samaritans as well as activists fighting for democracy in their home countries. Its logo features precious elements such as pearl and jade which embody its message that people can make a difference by taking actions in society.

This award seeks to recognize researchers who have made outstanding contributions to Hong Kong’s science and technology innovation, particularly those whose work has had real social and economic value creation. It is open to scientists worldwide whose research has had real social or economic value creation; selection process is impartial without sponsorship or committee influences; its winner will receive both substantial financial reward as well as international exposure.

The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize is a merit-based award presented annually in Hong Kong to researchers whose scientific achievements have had direct and lasting effects on business, society or industry. This prize covers any form of scientific innovation, such as artificial intelligence/robotics, healthcare innovation, materials advancements, new energy sources, advanced manufacturing or FinTech. The Board serves as the highest decision-making body of the BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize, suggesting important scientific research fields for consideration; setting nomination requirements; selecting members of both Review Committee and Compliance Oversight Team, as well as verifying and approving final review results.


June 2024


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