The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award and the Sydney Taylor Prize

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In 1985, Sydney Taylor’s husband established The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award in order to promote writers of Jewish fiction for young readers. This competition is open to unpublished authors writing for children aged 8-13 who wish to submit manuscripts that feature positive aspects of Jewish life as well as be written in English so as not only Jewish readers can benefit.

Jane Yolen has won this year’s Sydney Taylor Body-of-Work award with over 400 books for children and adults published since 1976, garnering multiple awards including two Sydney Taylor Honors and three Notables awards as well as being translated into more than 20 languages, selling over 100 Million copies globally.

To assess whether motor coordination deficits were associated with the SDY gene, 29 week old mice carrying it were tested on a rotarod. Each pair of training trials involved choosing one arm from a T-shaped apparatus; selecting the correct arm resulted in a reward at its end while selecting an incorrect one resulted in no reward and confinement to that arm for 10 seconds – data were analyzed using one-way repeated measures ANOVA.

Results demonstrated reduced locomotor activity and significantly shorter latency to fall from the rotating drum in SDY mice compared with wild type mice, as well as reduced ability to spend time on the center of the field. These findings corroborate earlier research showing a deficit in their ability to control movement; supporting the idea that SDY genes contribute to motor coordination deficits.

The Sdy Prize offers students an excellent way to learn about science and its effects on our world. Working with real data provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility in their research; networking opportunities exist among other scientists in their field – this could even lead to job opportunities! For more information about sdy Prize, the official website contains plenty of details such as history and how to apply as well as lists of past winners who might help determine whether this award is the one for them.


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