What is the HK Prize?

The HK Prize Literary Competition attracts writers from around the globe. Finalists receive a monetary award and other perks; to ensure a seamless experience and avoid any potential issues down the road, please read all rules prior to entering.

Winners of the Hong Kong Prize are recognized as outstanding contributors in Hong Kong Studies and Asian culture and history, exemplifying genuine acts of charity, civic awareness, and goodwill through inspiring personal journeys that feature self-sacrifice for community benefit and innovations that improve lives.

HK Prize winners are chosen by an esteemed panel of scholars with expertise in their respective field of research. Research submitted for consideration must be original and not previously published; completed mainly in Hong Kong; under 50 at time of submission and must have been appointees at a Hong Kong institution of higher education; books (hard copy or PDF) submitted as eligible entries must also include a statement from their author demonstrating they meet eligibility requirements at time of submission.

As one of Asia’s premier scientific research awards, the HK Prize attracts thousands of applicants every year. Recognizing studies with global reach and awarding cash prizes along with access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities for winners – notable finalists have even put themselves in peril in pursuit of knowledge – founding organizations providing shelter for homeless adults or creating liquid biopsy processes as they pursue knowledge.

The Hong Kong Prize is overseen by a Board that acts to oversee its operation and establish award nomination criteria. Comprised of Review Committee, Compliance Oversight Team and Secretariat members, this body performs its duties professionally and objectively so as to ensure BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE adheres to basic laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as well as high professional ethics and social morality standards when conducting its business activities.

In addition, the Hong Kong Prize is supported by an extensive network of partners ranging from universities and government bodies to industry players and industry giants. Their involvement includes judging, promotion and sponsorship; their support is essential to its success.

The Society for Hong Kong Studies gives out The HK Prize every year to scholars who have made outstanding contributions towards furthering the study of Hong Kong in an international context. The prize aims to encourage internationalization of Hong Kong Studies and strengthen its standing globally. The Society for Hong Kong Studies was established in 1973 as a first and largest global academic association dedicated to studying Hong Kong. It is a non-profit organization composed of scholars and professionals from various fields who share an interest in Hong Kong. The Society aims to facilitate research in its history and culture while also serving as a platform for Hong Kong Studies research.


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