Singapore Pools Review

The Singapore Pools is a government-owned organization providing safe and trustworthy betting to counter illegal gambling syndicates. Since its formation in 1960, its operations have evolved into an essential component of Singapore’s development as a young nation. A member of the World Lottery Association with commitments towards responsible gaming; their values encompass respect, innovation, customer care integrity and community service – they even feature eye-pleasing colors on their website to make navigation and use easy.

Site features include betting on soccer matches and motor racing events; its Live Betting feature allows bettors to place bets as events unfold live; as well as multiple payment methods such as major credit and debit cards as well as online banking services for bettors to utilize.

To get started, register on the official website by providing an ID number, email address and password. After registration, accessing and placing bets becomes much simpler – bettors can wager on any sporting event or game and win cash prizes!

Singapore Pools stands out from other online gambling sites by providing a safe environment in which to place bets. Furthermore, it promotes responsible play and self-exclusion – something the Singapore government regulates and makes available to all citizens – arguably making this site one of the top choices globally for responsible gambling.

Singapore Pools earned more than S$9bn in revenue during its 2017/18 fiscal year, of which 70% was returned as winnings to players, 22% went toward Tote Board fees, 5% went directly to charities and the remaining 3% went toward operating costs and development.

The Singapore Pools app makes placing bets anytime and anywhere easier, while keeping track of them too! Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this password-protected application features PIN security to further ensure its integrity. For more information about Singapore Pools head here!

Singapore Pools’ app boasts many useful features, such as being able to set reminders and view bet history. Plus, its mobile-optimised interface makes it user friendly on all devices. For maximum benefit from using this app, be sure to regularly update it – the latest version includes new features like improved search functionality and redesign of user interface – also keep your mobile device updated to take advantage of the most up-to-date version so that you can take full advantage of new features available through it – this way ensuring maximum enjoyment from playing your favorite games – the only downside being live streaming not offering this event which could potentially turn users away –


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