2011-08-25 The Screwtape Letters: Temptation, Church, and Prayer

Information From the Introduction

The Screwtape Letters has been dramatized by Focus On the Family and is available at this link.


Those who wish to go  into the insights found in The Screwtape Letters  may be interested in the DVD set offered by The C S Lewis Institute. The presenter is  Dr. Jerry Root, a professor from Wheaton College  and an expert on C S Lewis.


The one-man play The Screwtape Letters starring Max Maclean continues its touring run  in the US, with the next cities being Birmingham, Nashville, and Tampa.  More info can be found at


The actor Robert Hardy played Prof Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter  as well as acting in other films. Interestingly, when he attended Oxford University, his college tutor was C S Lewis.  Below is the link to a BBC video of an interview with Mr. Hardy in which he talks about Lewis as well as other subjects.  It also gives us some views of Magdalene College at Oxford where Lewis taught and had his office.  (Our thanks to the Narnia Fans website, http://www.narniafans.com, for the suggestion).


Additional Notes:

Many people, myself included, have wondered where Jack got his insights into the spiritual life, temptation, evil, prayer, etc., and they have speculated it was the product of reading and study.  However, Lewis himself points out that there is another way to gain this knowledge – that of studying our own hearts.  If so, he shows a remarkable degree of self-awareness that we would do well to copy, in my opinion.

He found writing these letters both very easy and very hard.  Easy in the sense that the topics came readily to mind and hard in that he had to squeeze every ounce of good humor and benevolence out of them.  That is why he did only one set of letters, although he did add the essay “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” much later on.

“Screwtape Proposes a Toast” is actually a very devastating critique of the modern educational system, particularly as found in America and perhaps deserves its own podcast at a later date.



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